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Medical Fetish - Guidelines, Tips, Toys to Use (2021)

1 What is a Medical Fetish? 1.1 Why Do People Like Medfet? 2 Medical Fetish Guidelines. 2.1 Find Out Your Exact Inclination; 2.2 Find the Right Partner; 2.3 Sterilize Your Toys/Tools and Partner; 3 Toys and Tools to Use in Medical Fetish. 3.1 Sex Chair/Bed; 3.2 Restraints; 3.3 Sounding Devices; 3.4 Urethral Stretcher; 3.5 Lube Applicating Syringe; 4 Safety Precautions

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Choose your medical fetish play tools and use them safely. Stick to your medical play roles The basic check-up scene in medical fetish play can only last so long without jumping to groping and touching. But roles come with rules, rules that will prevent participants from speeding to the nitty-gritty.

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Electric stimulation could also be fun in a medical setting, using a violet wand or a tens machine to administer your own version of sexy electro shock therapy would definitely perk up both doctor and patient in this scenario. In fact with certain implements on certain settings electricity can be made to feel like a scalpel or a laser cutting ...

What Is Medical Fetishism (Medfet)? Inside the Sexual Kink.

On Pornhub, "medical fetish" (often abbreviated to "medfet") turns up over 1,200 videos, many with millions of views. There are numerous forums and Facebook groups dedicated to the kink, with ...

Catheter Play How-To Medical Fetish Library

CATHETER Play. Catheters are flexible tubes used in medical treatment and surgery for feeding into various body structures to allow access from the outside. The main use of a catheter in BDSM, is the catheters designed for the bladder 'control' scenes: the best type to use for this purpose is the foley catheter, which has a balloon that can be inflated with sterile water to hold it in place ...

MEDICAL FETISH LIBRARY| How to use enemas, sounds, vacuum ...

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Medical Play. The nurse is in the house. Come visit me for your medical examination, where you will be examined from head to toe, no cavity left untouched! If you misbehave, you will be subjected to the point of my needle… as it pushes its way through your skin finding its exit… either gently or harshly! Needles (in genitals and nipple ...

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A medical fetish can take many forms. You might be aroused by doctors, nurses, or other members of the medical community, or even their uniforms. Some people who are into this fetish often have a specific interest in the medical instruments and devices used. They may get turned on at the thought of engaging in actual examination style role play.

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I engage in just about any type of physical play you can think of, including medical. Slave Training – You are, or want to be a good slave, but don’t know how. This is a much more immersive experience than just playtime in the dungeon and requires a full commitment.

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